Monday, January 26, 2004

My winter running apparel is three layers

Another great run. My wake up HR was 50, I had a good eight hours of sleep (I've been getting 6 1/2 to 7), and I felt good. The temperature was 27F but there was a slight wind. I couldn't feel the wind when I ran with it, so I would guess it was about 7 mph. That would give a chill factor of 17F. When I ran against the wind, the effective wind was about 14 mph and a chill factor of 6. I could feel the difference on my face when I ran against or with the wind. I ran past several houses with flags and noticed how much they were waving in the wind, so I could use them in the future to gage wind velocity. I'm still wearing just my normal three layers and my old running hat (nothing on my face or ears). I sweat a lot, and I'd rather be cool at the beginning and comfortable at the end than comfortable at the beginning and too warm at the end. I don't wear gloves; I just pull my hands up in the sleeves of my nylon breaker.

We had 4 - 5 inches of fluffy snow over the weekend with more coming later in the week. It may be a while before I get back to the canal road. The ski resorts are happy! Snowbird has had 328 inches of snow this season with 93 inches on the ground half way up the mountain from the lodge.

Tonight after we got home from work, my wife and I took a short walk of 3/4 mile. The temperature was 23, and the wind was stronger that it was this morning. I would guess maybe 10 mph, giving a chill factor of 7. We were walking at a fast pace (15 minute miles) and that helped keep us warm.

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