Saturday, January 24, 2004

Temperature was 27 F

I had a great run today! The temperature was 23F (shade temperature, no direct sun on the thermometer). My wake up HR was 51, and I felt great! No wind, and nice sunshine. It was a beautiful day to be out. About half way through I removed the wind breaker (two T shirts remaining), and by the time I reached home, I was sweating.

I mentioned earlier that because of snow on the ground, I'm running a 3 mile alternate route instead of my normal 4 mile route along a canal road. I've been running the 3 miles for three weeks, so today I added 1/4 mile. I'll do that for a couple of weeks and then add another 1/4 mile. I'd like to work up close to 4 miles before the snow melts so I'll be ready for the 4 mile route when the snow is gone.

I don't check my weight very often, but I did check it before I ran today. 163 #, which has been my normal for the past year. When I was married 40 years ago, I weighed 149. Twenty years later when I was running marathons in Massachusetts I was 157. Twenty years after than, I'm now up to 163. My weight should come down a bit as I get into longer distances, but I'm ok as is. I've never drunk much soda, but I've completely given it up for nutritional reasons. I've never eaten a lot of candy, but baked goods and ice cream have been my weakness. I'm cutting way back on the baked stuff and ice cream, and I'm eating moderately as I always have done. I also take Juice Plus+ and aloe vera to insure that I have proper nutrition. During the past two years, I've noticed I don't need as much food, an aspect of getting old I guess. That is probably the reason for my gain from 157 to 162. One of the reasons I like to run is that it has made me more health conscious.

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