Thursday, January 29, 2004

Tired yesterday, great run today

I didn't run yesterday because I woke up with a HR of 55 and I was very tired. I had heartburn during the night and lost about an hour of sleep (I finally got out of bed and drank some aloe vera, and then I went to sleep). I've had mild heartburn for the past three or four years, but once I started drinking aloe vera and extra water, my heartburn has pretty much gone away.

Today was different. My wake up HR was 50, I felt pretty good and had a nice run, although I was starting to feel tired towards the end of the run. Temperature was 36 when I left and 38 when I returned. There was a slight wind. Yesterday's high was 46, and today will probably be similar.

I run in shorts until the temperature goes below freezing, so today I wore shorts, a T-shirt, and my wind breaker. About half way through I removed the breaker because I was starting to sweat.

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