Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Three inches of snow last night

I had a nice 3 1/4 mile run this morning. My wake up HR was 50, and I felt pretty good. We had about four inches of fluffy snow during the night, and there was a mist of snow falling during my run. The temperature when I left was 30F. The wind was about 3 mph and caused the snow flakes to come down at about a 60 degree angle. The streets had been plowed, so I didn't have to run in deep snow.

Even though I only had two layers and was wearing shorts, I started to sweat during the last half mile, and when I got in the house and took off my breaker, my long sleeved T-shirt was damp around the neck. After my run on Thursday, I will have run my increased mileage for two weeks. If I feel good on Monday I'll add another quarter mile.

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