Monday, April 12, 2004

The farmer removed his gate

The canal road is now open to the south, so I ran that direction this morning. I prefer the south road because there are fewer houses along the canal and fewer dogs to bark. In addition there are more fields, more birds, more horses and goats. The problem is that the land for the canal road is owned by farmers (the canal company just has a right-of-way), and one farmer shuts off the road during the winter so his cattle can graze on both sides of the canal. The canal is fed by Utah Lake, so I can run as far south as I want to, because the canal road is probably 20 something miles to the lake. In the past I've run the canal road as far as 6 miles down and 6 miles back (right now I'm doing 2 down and 2 back). My wakeup HR this morning was 47.

Training Graphs

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