Thursday, August 12, 2004

First jog since the accident

On May 19, my wife and I were in a serious auto accident. She was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks, and I was in the hospital for about four weeks, being unconscious for the first two weeks. After leaving the hospital, I was at the home of my sister-in-law for a month receiving home therapy. During that time, my wife and I walked about 0.6 mile each day.

Tonight I did my first jogging since the accident. I mixed into my walking distance a very slow jog for 1/8 mile (a city block). It felt good to run again. Because of the short distance and slow pace I didn't put my running shorts on. I wore my running shoes and ran in my jeans and polo shirt. Tomorrow is a rest day, and I'll try it again on Saturday.

This accident really screwed up my heart rate (HR). Before the accident, my wakeup HR was in the mid to high 40s and my HR during the day was in the mid to high 50s. Now, my HR during the day is in the mid to high 70s. Hopefully, as I gain strength my HR will come down. I haven't been measuring my wakeup HR, but I'll start doing that so I can see how it behaves.

This high HR indicates my body is still stressed out and hasn't recovered from the accident. That fits in with my low energy level. I'm getting tired after a relatively short time of physical activity. I lost 20 pounds while in the hospital and have only gained back 5 pounds.

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