Monday, September 6, 2004

An ok 0.4 miles

My wakeup HR was 59 today; it has been that for the past week. I added another 1/8 mile to my jogging (6 houses). My total jog is approximately 0.4 miles. I felt ok at the end of the jog. I'm walking about 0.6 miles before I jog.

Before my accident, my wakeup HR was sensitive to the amount of sleep I got. If I didn't get enough sleep (e.g. 5 hours instead of my normal 7 hours) for just one night, my wakeup HR would jump up 6 or 7 beats. However, since the accident, my wakeup HR doesn't change at all if I get insufficient sleep. This means that the stress from the accident and my recovery is still the primary stress in my life. Stress from lack of sleep is less than that stress and doesn't affect my wakeup HR. Interesting!

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