Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Not sleeping well

I didn't sleep very well last night. I woke up after six hours. My wakeup HR was 54. I worked in my yard for seven hours last Saturday, and was very tired at the end of the day. Perhaps my body is still tired from that. I may have some nervous tension in my life that I'm not aware of. At any rate, I'll see how I feel in the morning after my rest day today.

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  1. Anonymous10/12/2004

    Hi Allen,
    I went to check out the new blog and had to smile when I read, "never been injured." It's just a technicality, but weren't you injured in a car wreck? It should really say "injured from running."

    Meantime, I'm glad to see your recovery is coming along.

    Wayne aka "Waynewalks"

  2. Hi Wayne, thanks for catching that! I've fixed it on the home page, and I'll look for it on other pages as I maintain the site.

  3. Anonymous10/14/2004

    It's in the about me section right up front. I was poking fun a bit at the separation of running injuries from other injuries, and the absolute way you said it.

  4. Ok, I got it, thanks! I think there will be some more scattered throughout the site, and I'll fix them as I stumble across them. My background is engineering, so accuracy in writing is important to me :)