Monday, November 29, 2004

Running in the snow

I had a great run this morning! My wakeup HR was 47 (a new low for my post-accident HR), and I felt great. The temperature was 21F when I left for my 2.1 mile run and 26F when I returned. I wore three layers: my undershirt, a thick, long sleeved T-shirt, and my nylon jacket. Had I been running longer I would have taken the nylon jacket off. I had no problem with ice this morning, because most of the snow that fell on the street yesterday had melted--just small patches of ice here and there.

Even though it was cold this morning, the sky was clear and sunny. There are about 2 inches of snow on the ground.

I've never had a problem running in the cold. My personal-record for running in the cold is -18F (run in Massachusetts in the 80s while I was doing Marathons). I sweat when I run, even in cold temperatures. I remember having sweatcicles hanging on my neck from my hair when I finished a run in sub-zero temperatures. The most layers I used in New England was 5. The most I've used here in Utah is 3.

When I was in Marathon training in the early 80s, I found I could run in the cold for about an hour without feeling the cold. After an hour I began to feel the cold because my body was no longer able to generate enough energy to keep me warm AND propel me for the miles of my run.

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