Friday, November 12, 2004

Three months ago -- CRASH!

I had a great run tonight. I couldn't run this morning because I left home early. Since I'll be gone all day tomorrow, I ran tonight. I added 11% to make my new distance 1.6 miles. I felt great during and after the run. Feeling that way was a good sign of my improving body condition, because two hours before, while my wife and I were shopping, I had a piece of pepperoni pizza. I expected my eating would affect my breathing, but it didn't. I ran out 0.8 miles on a slight uphill grade, and then I ran back the same course. My outdoor thermometer needs a new battery, so I don't know the temperature, but it was above freezing; probably in the 40s.

Today is my 3-month anniversary of running after the accident. Going from 1/8 mile on August 12 to 1.6 mile on November 12, an increase of 12X, is pretty good. If I could do that in the next three months, I'd be up to 19 miles. I think it will be harder to add 10% every week as my distance increases. I'm just grateful for any increase at all. After 4 1/2 weeks in intensive care I went to a different hospital for 10 days of therapy. When I made that change, I couldn't walk due to weak muscles and a loss of balance. During the 10 days I progressed from a wheel chair to a walker, then to a cane, and finally walking with no support. When I left therapy I could walk around pretty good, but I still had difficulty on stairs due to a loss of balance. In addition, moving my body weight up the stairs was still a challenge. During the next month I stayed at my sister-in-law's house, and I received physical therapy for balance and strength in my legs. In addition my wife and I began walking and worked up to 0.6 miles. A few days after coming to my own home I began running. That first day, three months ago, I did 1/8 mile and was pretty tired at the end. I did 1.6 miles tonight and felt great! To me this is all a miracle!

My wakeup HR was 52.

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  1. Wow! At your age u still running. U are my inspiration! Wonder what I will be doing when I reach your age. Keep on running! :)

    The Lonely Runner