Saturday, December 11, 2004

Sleep, what's that? :(

This hasn't been a good week for sleep. During the week I only had 3 hours sleep one night and two days later 5 hours (I got my normal 7 hours the other nights). I felt pretty good during the week, but I'm tired this morning. My wakeup HR was 52 and I'm skipping my run today. I frequently have a couple of days delay between the night I don't get much sleep and the day that my wakeup HR goes up and I feel tired. That happened this week. It took about two or three days after I messed up my sleep for my wakeup HR to move up. It started moving up and the next day it peaked, and the day after that it started back down. The good news is that I got my normal sleep on the other nights during the week. Because of that, my increase in wakeup HR didn't last long. I don't take drugs to help me sleep. Instead I take a homeopathic remedy called Nux Vomica. Nux is not a drug and has no side effects. It is a catalyst that helps my body get started in recovering from the lack of sleep.

Because of this sleep disturbance, I will have run only run once this week. Some runners are hesitant to take an extra day of rest when they feel tired. They are worried their performance will go down. They have a good point since performance does go down when one is inactive. However, my experience has been that it takes about the same time to come back to my previous performance that it took lose that performance. That is, if I take an extra rest-day, my performance will be back up after one or two days of running. So, I don't worry about taking an extra rest day when I need it. I think that ones performance will be hurt more by running when your body is tired.

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