Monday, December 13, 2004


Wow! My wakeup HR was 46, a new low since my accident on May 19 and a tie with my pre-accident HR. My wakeup HR when I ran marathons in the early 80s was 44 (later it dropped to 40), so I'm almost at my marathon HR!

I had a good run, although I could tell I'm not quite recovered from my sleep disturbances last week. That's why it was a "good" run and not a "great" run. If I had run on Saturday, I would have had a poor run because I felt tired, and I probably would have had to take today off. By taking the rest day when I felt tired, I gave my body two extra days of good sleep to recover, and today was a nice run. I really believe that you should take a day of rest when you feel tired, and some of the running literature teaches that!

I've found that my wakeup HR is a good indicator of my body condition, but my 30 situps are a better indicator. HR is a "static" indicator (no body movement) while situps are a "dynamic" indicator.

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