Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It's been five months since my accident

Ok, everybody, follow the bouncing ball (to the tune of Happy Birthday):

Happy anniversary to you
Happy anniversary to you
Happy running anniversary...
Happy anniversary to you.

Today is my 5 month anniversary since my accident. Five months ago I ran 1/8 mile and was very tired. Today I ran 3.32 miles and felt pretty good. My wakeup HR was 51. We had a touch of wet snow last night that froze on the ground and crunched as I ran. The middle of the streets was icy, from cars using the street, so I ran along the edge of the streets where cars hadn't gone. Virgin snow, even with a slight ice crust on it, isn't nearly as slick as ice caused by cars packing the snow. The temperature was 30F when I left and about 34-35 when I returned 35 minutes later. My pace was around 10 minute miles, which is slow, but that is ok since I'm focusing on distance. As I get stronger, my pace will pick up. It already has a bit.

I've been adding 10+% to my distance each week. Before the accident I needed 2-3 weeks for a 10% increase. I seem to be stronger now than I was before the accident. Seems strange... If I can keep up this rate of increase, I'll do 4 miles by the end of January and 5 by the end of February. My pre-accident distance was 5 miles. If I make that distance by the end of February, my accident will only have set me back about 9 months.

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