Monday, February 14, 2005

Finally back to my pre-accident mileage

Today is the day I've been waiting for for 6 months. Today I ran the distance I was running before my auto accident on May 19. Two months and three weeks off from running while I was in the hospital and receiving home therapy. Six months plus two days to build my mileage from 1/8 mile on August 12, 2004 to 5.4 miles today. I think that is pretty good for an old geezer who had to learn to walk after leaving intensive care.

I added 11% today to make my run 5.4 miles. I was a bit more tired today than last week, but I made it through the run and felt ok during and at the end. My wakeup HR was 52. The temperature was in the middle 40s. When I left there was a 10 mph wind, but when I finished there was only a 3 mph breeze.

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