Saturday, February 26, 2005

Wakeup HR zoomed up due to treatments for skin cancers

I haven't run at all during the past week. On Feb 17th I was treated for 31 skin blemishes. About 5-6 were scraped so a biopsy could be performed (the biopsy just came back and they were Basal Cell cancers, not the dangerous kind), and the rest were frozen with liquid nitrogen (like a steady stream for 4-8 seconds). My resting HR went up to 56-58 and has been there during the week (in mid-week it went up to 60). I've felt tired, so I've just rested this week. I'd like to run on Monday if I feel stronger.

Also contributing to the high HR during the week was a night of only 5 hours sleep due to a late night trip to the hospital ER to have two or three of the frozen blemishes treated -- they were getting infected, and we were worried the infection could spread through out my body (we learned that the infection was local and not much of a concern). And, I have a slight cold and cough that came after the treatment for the 31 blemishes.

The next few months won't be good for my running. On the 21st of March (may be changed to the 28th), I'll have surgery for two hernias. I had a hernia operation in the mid 80s and couldn't run for six weeks. Then during April I'll have surgery for the 5-6 skin cancers that were scraped. So, I'll just take it day by day and do the best I can; at least I'm still alive :)

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