Saturday, February 5, 2005

What a day!

Today was the day to beat all days! 54F when I left on my run, a 5 mph breeze, lots of sun, beautiful clouds, and a horse that needed some grass. Great to be alive and outdoors.

It was a good running day, too. I ran my 3rd time for 4.2 miles. Next week if I feel good, I'll add half a mile. I checked my pace for the run and it was about 11.5 min/mile. That is just a bit slower than before my accident but faster than a month ago. In two weeks I'll have my distance up to my pre-accident distance. I've really had a good recovery during the past six months, and I'm grateful to the many people who were involved in caring for me, and to the Lord for giving me more time on this wonderful world!

I passed two kids about 7 or 8 years old. Both kids were on roller blades. The young had a dog on a leash that was pulling her. Her brother came along on his own power. When I got to them I said, "I'll race you to the corner". They laughed but didn't take me up on it (the corner was only 20 feet away).

My wakeup HR was 53 this morning (54 yesterday). I missed a run in the middle of the week because I had a slight cold. On Tuesday morning I was scheduled to report for jury duty. I woke up that morning after three hours sleep and couldn't get back to sleep (I do that when I'm under perceived stress due to an appointment in the morning). I was ok during the morning jury selection (I wasn't selected), but during the afternoon my nose started to drip. I took two days off work and rested. I was back to work yesterday, and my nose was almost dried up and was in the "thick" stage. I felt fine this morning.

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