Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Getting back into it: 4.8 miles today

My wakeup HR was 55, and I felt pretty good. I ran 4.8 miles along the canal road. I'm pleased with my running this week. I'd been three weeks with no running and was glad that I could run as far as I did. If I feel fine on Saturday I may do 6 miles, the distance I was running before my skin-cancer surgery. During the last part of the run I started getting tired and jogged/walked about 1/3 mile to my home.

We've had rain the past couple of days, and I saw several pairs of wild ducks swimming in the runoff water in the canal. The Utah Lake water isn't flowing in the canal yet.

I probably would have run a bit farther, but the canal road went into a large muddy area, and I turned around. The mud was from construction vehicles at a home building project. I walked about 100 feet into the mud and then realized the mud extended a lot further than I had thought. I turned around but somehow went at the wrong angle through the mud and missed the canal road. I walked through several hundred feet of mud and came to a road that took me down to the canal road. When I got back I took my shoes into the shower and cleaned them.

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