Saturday, April 30, 2005

Need more sleep

I did about a half mile of walking during my 6 mile run. My wakeup PR was down to 51 and I felt good at the beginning but became tired on the way back, hence the walking. I've only been getting 5-6 hours of sleep this week, and it's finally catching up with me.

No water in the canal yet, but a lot of big puddles of runoff from rain. Lots of wild ducks in the canal. I saw so many of them on Wednesday that it was like running through a city park with ducks at the city pond.

One of the fields I run by has a herd of buffalo. The animals are usually at the far end of the field, and I don't see them. On Wednesday and today they were at the near end of the field, and I had good views of them. Boy, are they big! They make a low, snorting noise, sorta like someone snoring.

Training Graphs


  1. Bob rgs3289@yahoo.com5/22/2005

    Hi Allen,
    I found your site when looking for information on running after hernia surgery. I had mine about two weeks ago and am very anxious to get back running and biking. It was encouraging to see your were back running after 15 days. I see the surgeon tomorrow (Monday) and once I get these staples out, I hope I can resume my routine also.
    Thanks for the insight and good luck in all your running.

  2. Hi Bob, sorry to be so slow in responding to your comment. I do remember your email and discussing my hernia with you.

    You should be back into running by now; how's it going?

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