Saturday, May 14, 2005

Saw a hawk today, motionless in the sky

I just returned from my 6 mile run. I started to get tired during the last half mile, but not as much as I did on Monday. My wakeup HR was 50.

I saw three sets of ducklings swimming with their mother. The canal water hasn't come in yet, and the ducklings were swimming in runoff pools from the rain we've been having. There were 10 or so ducklings in each set.

Last week I saw a hawk flying stationary above the canal. It was facing into a 6 or so mph headwind, and it would flap its wings every 8-10 seconds, just enough to keep itself stationary above the canal. I guess it was waiting for a mouse or something to run across the dirt bottom of the canal. It was about 50 feet above the ground.

I saw the herd of buffalo again. Those guys are big.

I'm thinking I'll run the 6 mile course for another month, maybe two months, until I feel comfortable with it. Then I'll start to add distance again. I'd like to be up to 10 miles by Christmas, three times per week.

The sky was sunny with a few clouds when I left on my run. The temperature was in the 50s. A great day!

My grandkids are here visiting, and we're thinking of taking them to Thanksgiving Point and walk around the gardens. If we do that, I'll get another couple miles walking.

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