Monday, July 4, 2005

1st run in three weeks

It's been three weeks since my last run. I've been having weekly surgeries for my basal cell skin cancers, and my body wasn't in a condition to handle running. I had surgery at the base of my nose, between my two eyes, and that surgery caused a headache. That head ache remained until I had surgery on my forehead. The headache continued after the forehead surgery, and I still have it.

During the past three weeks my wakeup HR was 59-60, but Saturday and today it was down to 57. Not much of a change but a bit better. I went running this morning and ran 4.6 miles. A nice way to celebrate the birthday of the USA. I started getting tired and turned around and came home, walking some of the distance. I have more surgery on Wednesday to do a skin graft on a big hole that isn't filling in like it should, so my next opportunity for a run will be Friday or Saturday if I feel ok. Otherwise, I'll rest until I do feel better. I have surgery next Monday, too. Then I'm taking a break from surgery until the first part of August. I've had 6 skin cancers removed and have three more to go (one next Monday and two in August).

One thing I'm learning in life is that trials pass, and things get better. I'm always telling people that patience is a great virtue, and now I'm learning that through my experiences with surgery....

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