Monday, July 25, 2005

Wakeup HR down to 56

My wakeup HR was down to 56 and I felt pretty good. I ran 6.4 miles and only walked a bit picking up litter and some walk/jogging during the last half mile. When I left home the shade temperature was 69F, but it was much hotter in the open sun. There were a couple of places were there were 200-300 feet of shade (large Cottonwood trees lined up along the canal), and that shade felt great!

There are still quite a few ducklings in the canal. They are getting large (still smaller than their mother) and are learning to flap their wings and get some lift as they "run" along the surface of the water. The ducklings are all brown, like their mother, and I'm wondering when the males will get the beautiful color of the male Mallards.

I'm still running on an empty stomach, but I do drink water before I leave.

Training Graphs

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