Tuesday, August 30, 2005

22% Increase in my run :(

Ops... I forgot to post to this blog last week. I ran on Thursday, August 25 and completed my 6.4 mile run. I felt tired but was glad to complete the distance. I didn't run on Saturday because of a busy schedule, and I figured the extra rest would be helpful.

I felt great this morning! My wakeup HR was 51. I decided to add to my distance, and I ran to the next major intersection of the canal and a city street. The major intersections are about every mile as the crow flies and about 1.1 mile or so as the canal flows. My run ended up being 7.8 miles. It was a longer distance than I had expected, because the canal turned and intersected the street at an angle instead of coming straight into the street. I ran the whole distance and felt fine at the end. I was out earlier, and the temperature was in the low 60s and that helped.

The 1.4 miles that I added today was an increase of 22%, a bigger increase than I should have taken. I had five days off with no running, and that helped my body to feel rested. It will be interesting to see how I feel on Thursday. I'm hoping I can do the 7.8 miles on Thursday and Saturday of this week, because I won't get much running next week due to having my last two skin cancer surgeries on Monday (two small ones on my nose).

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