Saturday, August 13, 2005

Gravity still works

My wakeup HR was 53 and I felt great when I left for my 6.4 mile run. I had a very good run until I got into the last mile. I have a bad habit in running, in that I shuffle my feet. I tripped on a small rock and fell on the canal road. I had abrasions on my face, both hands, right arm and left knee. Blood, mixed with sweat, was trickling down my face and onto my nose. I had no water or tissue to clean myself, so I ran home and headed for the shower. That part of the trail was full of fine asphalt powder and small pieces from the olden days when the road was paved. I washed as much of it off as I could in the shower and then spent an hour cleaning more off with hydrogen peroxide. Some of the abrasions have a gray color instead of the normal flesh color. I need to learn to push off with my toes and quit shuffling.... This injury happened during my run but was not due to my run.

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