Monday, September 26, 2005

A great running day

My wakeup HR was 51, and I felt pretty good! I've slept well the past couple of weeks, and that helps my HR to come down. I sleep until I wake up naturally. Normally, I get 7 hours of sleep. However, after my surgeries, my sleep has gone up to 8-9 hours, and then as I recovered it has come back to the 7 hours. After my last two surgeries three weeks ago, I went through two weeks of 8 hours sleep, and now I'm back to 7 hours. Interesting how our bodies adjust conditions to give them the rest they need.

I added 0.6 miles to my route for a total of 7 miles. I was out early, and the temperature was in the mid 40s when I left -- a great running day, and a great run! The canal water was low on Saturday, and I was worried they might have turned it off for the winter. However, it was back up this morning.

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