Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A nice 6.4 mile run today

My wakeup HR was high today, 57, but I ran my 6.4 mile stretch along the canal. I felt pretty good. The last two times I ran, I only ran 5.9 miles because I started getting tired (recovery from my 7.8 mile run). I didn't get tired today, even though my HR was high. I had a pretty good recovery from my last two skin-cancer surgeries two weeks ago, and I would have run last week but I had a busy schedule and chose to take rest days instead of running in the evening when I was tired.

Today, when I had about a mile left, I could feel my legs starting to tighten up a bit, but the tightening didn't increase (in fact it went away) so I continued running. It wasn't much, just enough that I could feel it a little bit. It felt good to get back on the canal road again.

My pace varies from 10 min/mile to 12. I'm running at my comfortable pace and am concentrating on distance not speed. I'll run 6.4 miles this week and then if I feel good, I'll try 7.0 miles next week. It's getting cooler, and that helps a lot. It was about 58 or 59F when I left home for the run. Lots of shade along the road.

I saw several families of ducks along the canal. The ducklings are now fully grown and fly away when I approach, but they seem to be staying together as a group. I guess they will stay on the canal until instinct tells them to go south for the winter. I saw two ducks that were beginning to get color on their head and wings, while the third duck was all brown. So, I guess the beautiful mallard color takes a couple of years to develop.

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