Saturday, October 29, 2005

Did 10 but tired

My wakeup HR was 48, but I could tell during my situps that I was tired. That's not surprising considering the stressful week I've had. I'm having a TUFF barn installed in three days, and on this past Monday my wife and I moved 8 yards of dirt, and on Wednesday I moved 6 yards of road base (gravel & sand). In a few minutes I'm leaving to get another yard of gravel to finish the plot for the barn. The barn, 10' X 20', will be resting on 8 inches of gravel/sand.

I ran my 10 miles again this afternoon, along the canal trail. It had been raining but stopped just before I left. By the time I returned, it was sunny and just partly cloudy. The first part of the run went well, but on the way back I got tired and jog/walked the last two miles.

Training Graphs

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