Saturday, October 15, 2005

Felt tired today but ran 8.7

I ran my 8.7 miles again. Even though my wakeup HR was 52, I felt tired. During the first 3 miles, I was running against a 15 or so mph head wind. Then the wind died down. I did some walking on the way back due to being tired. If I still feel tired on Monday I'll run the 8.8 miles again next week; otherwise, I'll add a mile to the course. I didn't have tightening of muscle that I had earlier this week. My new Mojo LOCO shoes are great! I've run 18 miles in them and have walked an additional 2-3 miles with no problems. The big question is will they prevent my supination as well as my Etonics do.

The temperature was in the mid 50s while I ran, and it is a beautiful day and a great time to be outside.

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