Thursday, October 20, 2005

Still not sleeping well :(

I'm still having problems getting enough sleep; sorta like jet lag without the travel. My body gets used to a particular routine, and it wakes up at the same time even though I got to bed later. I got 6 hours sleep last night, and my wakeup HR was 53. I'm just leaving for my run and will be back in two hours.

I just returned from my run -- 2 hours 12 minutes for 10.7 miles. I was so close to the Bangater Highway that I went the last quarter mile to get there. Sure enough, the highway blocks the canal road. I looked at the Google satellite maps last night, and it looked like there was a dirt road that went east along the highway to 27th West. There is, but it is blocked by a chain-link fence that protects a large pond of water that is the water supply for the city of Riverton. The satellite maps also showed that a road called 3600 West might go under the highway. If that road is a dirt road, probably not. If it is a paved road, then yes. That road is only half a mile west of were I was standing next to the Bangater Highway, and I could see an underpass for 3600 West to go under Bangater. So, my new route will be the canal trail to 134th South, then west to 3600 West and south on that road. I probably won't be able to get back to the canal road, but that is ok. I'm near the end of the Salt Lake valley, in an area that hasn't been developed much. I should be able to go a number of miles with little traffic and few houses.

I ran my comfortable pace, but the pace changed with my body conditions. When I first left, I ran the first mile at a pace of 10+. Then I ran at 11+ until I turned around. On the way back I was getting tired and I ran at 12+, and at 13+ for the last mile. I enjoyed the run!

Training Graphs


  1. You've sure increased your distance since i've been gone. Good job and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Jason, nice to hear from you again! You hadn't written your blog since Oct 4, and I was hoping things were well with you.

    Yes, my body has been doing well the past month. My weekly increases have been slightly greater than 10%, and since I'm close to 10 miles, that increase has been a mile a week for the past month. I'll keep the increases up until my body tells me to level off, or I'll level off at 15 miles if my body doesn't signal me sooner.