Monday, October 17, 2005

Well, the canal water was turned off...

Today was a great run! I added distance and ran 9.8 miles. I felt stronger than I did last week. On Wednesday I hope to run 9.9 miles, and on Saturday I'll give myself a birthday present and run 10 miles.

In the past I've stopped frequently to pick up trash. During the last couple of weeks I haven't been picking up much trash, meaning that I'm running longer before I stop at a light or for traffic. At first I wasn't used to running without relatively frequent stops, but during the past week I could tell I was getting used to having fewer stops. Today I had no stops except for traffic/lights and a brief visit with a lady who was walking her dog to inquire about the condition of the canal road to the south (she said the canal road is blocked by a new highway that was built a few years ago, and I will have to detour to the city streets to get across the highway). I felt fine running mile after mile to get home!

The canal water was turned off over the weekend, and now there are large puddles in the canal. In a couple of weeks those puddles will be gone, and the canal will be dry. With a dry canal I might be able to use the canal itself to cross under that highway. I'll have to see how much room there is in the canal-bed under the highway.

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