Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Just had gall bladder surgery

Well, I'm off of running for a few days. During the past three weeks I've been having stomach cramps about 3-4 hours after eating. The cramps would go away after another 3-4 hours. The magnitude's of the pain slowly increased during the three weeks, and they began occurring more often. Last Friday evening the pain was very painful, and on Monday evening the pain was even worse.

I went to Cottonwood hospital and had my gall bladder removed. The doctor said it was in bad shape, all crusted, and he had a hard time getting it out. I spent last night in the hospital and came home today. I'm supposed to get a lot of rest during the next few days. I can walk but not run for a couple of weeks. I feel much better now, although I have some shoulder pain from the carbon dioxide gas they put in my stomach cavity to push the organs apart. I haven't had pain in the three small incisions that were made.

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