Friday, November 4, 2005

Ran 11.4 miles again

I just returned from running the 11.4 miles again. I felt stronger this time; last time, I walked/jogged quite a bit during the last 2 miles, but this time I only walked once for a couple hundred feet during the last 2 miles. That is a good sign that my body is adjusting to the longer mileage. Also, since I started running regularly after my last skin cancer operations in the first week of September, I've been adding 10-12% to my mileage each week, and I haven't had a cold (when I over train I get a cold). My body must think it is Superman....

My wakeup HR was 51. When I left the temperature was 43F with a light rain. I wore my nylon jacket for the first mile and then took it off and carried it. My body generates a lot of heat, and I felt fine running at that temperature in the rain. By the time I reached my turnaround point, I was beginning to feel the cold, and a short time later I put the jacket back on and tucked my hands in the sleeves. I didn't set a speed record today but just did a slow jog the whole distance.

Training Graphs

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