Saturday, November 19, 2005

Stomach pains and taking a rest week

This week is a rest week. I haven't felt very well all week. I took a sick day on Monday because I was weak with little energy. On Wednesday evening at work I started feeling cold. I put on a wool sweater but couldn't get warm. After my half-an-hour drive home, I had a sharp pain in my stomach. The next morning I took some oxygenated water to kill any germs that might be causing the stomach pain and went to work on Thursday and Friday. I've been taking the oxygenated water each day since then, and the pain is gone this morning. The pain was gone yesterday morning but came back in the afternoon. I took the oxy water last night and had no pain during the night. I took some this morning and have had no pain so far. Besides killing germs, the oxy water helps restore the body ph to a more neutral value.

My wakeup HR on Monday was 65+, but it came down to 55+ for the rest of the week. Yesterday is was 58, still higher than my normal 50.

I think my problem this week is that I've pushed too much in increasing my distance, and my body finally had to tell me to back off. I'm going to level off at 10 miles for a month or so to get used to that, and then I'll slowly increase my Saturday run up to 15 miles. I just have to give my body more time to adjust.

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