Saturday, December 31, 2005

Diarrhea and running don't mix

I had a very interesting experience during my running today. My wakeup HR was 55, so I knew I was tired. However, I felt about the same as I did on Wednesday, so I went running for my 10 miles. The temperature was in the mid 40s, the sky was cloudy, and there was a cold 20 mph headwind when I left.

I did fine for the first four miles. Then I had an attack of diarrhea, fortunately a small attack! It didn't run down my legs, but it did get all over my underwear and all over the skin in my groin and crotch. I tried to keep it in, but it slowly came out. There wasn't anywhere I could go to relieve myself and not be in sight of a house. I should have turned around and headed for home, but I was only a mile from my turn-around, so I kept on going. After I had turned around and gone about a mile towards home, I ran out of energy and walked the remaining four miles. I only had on a thick T-shirt and a nylon jacket and a baseball cap, sufficient for running, but not sufficient for walking. I got really cold on the way back, although I didn't get into the first stage of hypothermia, which was surprising since my normal body temperature is 96+, only two degrees above the threshold for hypothermia.

As soon as I got home I headed for a hot shower to warm up and wash off. My skin that had contact with the feces was sore, and I learned the lesson that all new parents learn: change diapers ASAP so the baby doesn't get sore skin.

Another sign from my body that I ignored in going out running today was that I didn't sleep very well last night. And, to make matters worse I developed a cough and sore throat during the run.

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