Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My body likes 8

I just returned from another ok 8 mile run. I was a bit more tired than I was on Monday. I didn't get enough sleep the past two nights, and that always reduces my energy level. My wakeup HR, though, was down to 55.

I left later in the morning, and the temperature when I left was 35F. Another nice, sunny day.

It's been interesting to run the canal trail with snow on it and to see the human, dog, and bird tracks in the snow. It brought back memories of my childhood. My parents gave me a 22 single shot rifle for my 12th birthday, and I did a lot of rabbit hunting during my teenage years. My dad and his brothers had a farm outside of town, and I used to walk there with my 22 and hunt rabbits. I had to walk through the local airport, across the runway, with my rifle. If I did that today, I'd be in jail, but back then, no big deal.

I remember one winter Saturday. I hunted for several hours on the farm, walking through a foot of snow. Back then, we didn't have insulated winter boots, only thin rubber galoshes over our gym shoes. On the way home, I met a friend who had his rifle, so I turned around and went hunting with him. I was in the snow for about 8 hours. When I got home, my big toe on my right foot was all blue, and a few days later the toenail came off. I was too dumb to know about frost bite, but I had a good case of it. No permanent damage was done, and my toenail grew back.

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