Saturday, December 10, 2005

Started 10 finished 8 and walked 2

I has been two weeks plus two days since I came home from my gall bladder operation. I ran 8 miles this morning and walked the last 2 miles for a total of 10 miles.

On Wednesday I had my two-week checkup from the doctor who removed my gall bladder, and he said I was cleared to do anything I wanted, i.e. no restrictions. My wakeup HR went up to 60 after the surgery, and it has been up there ever since. This morning it was 58. I could tell from that and from my situps this morning (I did 20 instead of my usual 30) that my body was tired. After 4.3 miles into the run, I had my first faint indication that I was getting tired, so I went to 5 miles and then turned around. I felt ok until 8 miles, and by then I could tell I was getting tired and was slowing down, so I walked the last 2 miles. I think that next week I will run 8 miles three times. If that goes ok, I'll add a mile the week after and another mile the week after that. If my body doesn't handle that very well, I'll reduce the miles or go for two weeks before I increase, depending how I feel at the beginning of each week.

There was about 2 inches of powdery snow on the canal road, but the snow didn't make it harder to run. Snow mobilers had used most of the road, and I ran in the wide track left by the machines. I saw lots of dog tracks in the snow (and human tracks accompaning the dogs) and a few bird tracks.

The temperature was 19F when I left and was in the mid 20s when I returned. I wore 3 layers for most of the run, two layers for part of the run in the middle. The picture of me in my profile, with the orange knit hat, was taken this morning after I returned from the run. My three layers were a regular T-shirt, a long-sleeve T-shirt, and my wind breaker jacket.

Training Graphs

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