Monday, February 20, 2006

A bit tired during my 4-mile rest run

I completed my 4-mile rest run, but felt a bit tired. My wakeup HR was 50 again, indicating my body handled the long run on Saturday ok. The canal road had 3-4 inches of snow but I ran the road anyway. After 1/2 mile, I could tell it was more work than I wanted, so I walked 1/4 mile to the next intersection and then ran on a sidewalk. My feelings of tiredness could have been from not being fully recovered from Saturday, or it could have been from running in the snow. I'll never know, but it was just a small feeling, and I completed the run ok and feel fine now. I didn't take any walking breaks on the 2 miles out but did take some on the way back.

The temperature was 33 (F) when I left and in the low 40s (F) when I returned. We'll have several days of sun, and the snow on the canal road will soon be gone.

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  1. Allen,
    I just realized that you are in Utah! I am too :) I commented in your post about your 9-miler about finding a half-marathon sometime in the near future. Have you done the Salt Lake City Marathon? I'm considering training for the 1/2...

    Anyhow -- I'm sorry your 4 miler today wasn't as good as it could've been.

  2. Hi Carol,

    I considered running the SL half in June but decided to go with the GSL half in Clearfield in August. I'll be up to 15 miles in another 7 weeks, but I wanted some extra time to get used to the distance so I'll have some energy left over for speed. Also, the GSL half is much smaller (under 200 runners) and I like small groups.

    I just finished my 8 mile medium run and felt fine.