Wednesday, February 1, 2006

That extra rest really helped!

On Monday I planned to run 8 miles but felt tired, both before and during the run, and I cut the run back to 6 miles. Today I felt fine before and during the run and completed my 8 miles. My wakeup HR was 52 this morning, same as on Monday.

We've had a lot of melting snow and rain, and the canal trail was muddy, so I ran a city street that goes North-South for a million miles. The temperature was mid 30s (F) with a 5-7 mph headwind when I left home and gusts to 10 mph. Having the tailwind on the way back was nice. A great day for running, and a nice run! The sun came out on the way back, and I removed my wind breaker and just ran with two layers.

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