Sunday, February 12, 2006

Yesterday I overused my feet

I woke up last night three times to get a drink of water (I need a lot of water and drink 24/7 so to speak), and my feet were stiff and sore. I couldn't walk for a couple of minutes but just sat on my bed and wiggled my toes. This stiffness and pain in my feet was the original reason why I started running many years ago. I did a lot of walking in childhood up through college, but when I graduated, I bought a car and didn't walk much anymore. My feet muscles weakened and started to hurt when I did yard work. A doctor told me to do anything I wanted that would strengthen the muscles in my feet. So, I started running.

Yesterday, after the great breakfast that I mentioned in my previous post, I was on my feet for 3 hours tuning my piano, and that required that I be standing (it was a Grand not an Upright -- I can sit and tune Uprights). Then I ran for 2 hours. The combination of the two activities was more than my feet could handle, and the overuse pains came again. I used to be able to handle, thanks to my running of long distance, quite a few hours of being on my feet, but with all of my hospital stays and surgeries the past year and a half, my feet muscles have weakened. Anyway, I'm still going to follow my marathon plan to get an idea of what the plan entails, but I'm going to only run three times a week like I've been doing. I'll be running the Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday of the plan. I thought I could handle a fourth day, since I've reduced the mileage of the first day, but I'm not going to chance it while I'm adding distance to work up to 15 miles.

Even though my feet were stiff and sore last night, my wakeup HR was 51 this morning, indicating that my body, as a whole, is rested. I did sleep well last night. I would get up for a drink of water and then go right back to sleep.

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