Tuesday, March 28, 2006

First good night's sleep since last week

I had a great sleep last night. I awoke twice but went right back to sleep. The night before was almost as good. Last Thursday night, when I only got 3-4 hours sleep, disrupted my sleep pattern, and it has taken this long for my body to recover. Because of the sleep disruption I didn't do my long run last Saturday.

I would have run my four miles yesterday, but my boss from work called and wanted me to come in ASAP to fix a problem. I thus postponed the run until this morning and had a great 4-mile rest run. We had a lot of rain last night, so I ran the long city street instead of tramping through the mud on the canal road. My wakeup HR was 50 this morning (51 yesterday morning). The temperature was in the mid 40s (F). A great day to be out.

Training Graphs


  1. Just one question. Do you drink beer? You might have talked about this on one of your podcast, but I could miss it.

    I've started reading your blog and listening to your shows recently and I greatly enjoy it!

  2. Hi, nope, no beer or stronger drinks. Thanks for listening to my podcasts and for reading the blogs. I hope they are helpful to you.

  3. yes they are.

    and I find it really awesome -- just imagine the situation: boy in teen age from middle Europe talking about old's man (no offense ;-]) running blog and asking whether he drinks beer... I'm wordless, and very thankful to internet and all the gadgets!

  4. Yes, the Internet is a wonderful thing. We have friends over all the world, and we've never met in person any of them.

    The telegraph system was officially closed down about a month ago. No need to send telegrams anymore when almost everyone uses email, IM, web forums. Speaking of forums, you might want to visit http://running.about.com/ They have a nice running forum.