Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Two days in a row!

I usually run Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. This week, however, I ran Tuesday, Wednesday, and hopefully Saturday. Yesterday I did my 4-mile rest run, and today I did my 9-mile medium run. My wakeup HR this morning was 50, and I felt pretty good. I had a good run, but as I approached my walking break at the 8-mile point, I could feel that my right calf was getting tight. I thus walked 0.2 miles for that break to relax the calf (I usually walk .06 mile for the break), and my calf felt fine during the last mile of the run. Going into the run I was concerned that I might not make it the full 9 miles since I had run yesterday. However, I did well, and this indicates that I'm getting stronger. I had tried two or three months ago, to run two days in a row and couldn't do it.

The temperature was in the mid 40s (F), and the sky was mostly cloudy on the way out and partly cloudy on the way back. A 8-10 mph head wind on the way out gave me a challenge, and I was looking forward to having that wind as a tail wind on the way back. But, as usually happens around here, the wind died down in mid morning, and I had only a 5 mph tail wind on the way back. I saw several sets of ducks in rain puddles in the canal. Usually I see one male paired with one female, but today I saw one male and two females--must be one of the Utah polygamists that you hear about :)

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