Monday, April 10, 2006

A great rest run

This week is week 14 of my marathon plan and is a fall-back week to give my body some rest. My rest run today was thus reduced from 4 to 3 miles. I had a great run! My wakeup HR was 52 and I felt great. Since it was a rest run, I stopped and picked some litter along the way.

I've been experimenting with eating food before my runs. I've known for years that I could eat bananas before running, because I did that during my marathons back east. I've been doing that recently, too. During the last couple of weeks, I ate one or two oranges and drank some fruit juice in addition to a banana. That worked fine. So, this morning I tried a boiled egg. I didn't have a banana to eat and I forgot to eat an orange or to drink juice. I felt fine and ran fine after the egg. So, eating a little bit of food before running seems to be ok and should give me more energy during the run. I'll keep experimenting with food and report my results.

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