Wednesday, April 12, 2006

An OK 8-miler

I could tell before I left for my run that I was feeling a bit tired, even though my wakeup HR was 49. I felt better after the first two miles, and I felt pretty good on the way back. Since this is a rest week, I just jogged along and enjoyed myself. I even picked up some litter.

On the way back I stopped to talk with two guys who were cutting some tree branches that were hanging down over the canal. They said they were cleaning out the canal in preparation for the water. They said they remove a lot of big things, like water heaters, out of the canal.

The temperature was in the mid 50s, sunny, and a pleasant day to be out.

Shortly before I left, I ate a banana, an orange, one slice of dry toast, and I drank a big glass of water. My stomach felt queasy for the first half mile but felt fine after that. I think I'll try saltines instead of bread since crackers are good when one has an upset stomach.

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