Saturday, April 22, 2006

Summer is here and it's not June 21 yet

It was hot when I ran my 13 mile run this morning. Well, actually it was only in the mid 70s (F), but it was hot in the sun and most of the canal road is in the sun. I saw another red fox. It was running through the dry canal, and then it took off through a field. It was about 200 yards from me when it stopped and looked back at me. As it ran through the field, it stopped several times and looked back. It was a beautiful animal to see.

My wakeup HR was 50 but I felt tired and did extra walking and ran slowly. I had a quart of water with me, and I took a swallow every mile. The last two swallows were taken 1/2 mile from home. Before I left, I ate a banana and a slice of dry toast. I carried an apple and ate it at the turn-around point. I've been reading about the importance of replenishing salts during the run, and I'm thinking I'll take sports drink with me as well as some water. I've never used sports drink before, so when I got home I drank 12 oz of Gatorade that my son gave me -- it tasted pretty good.

A few comments on why I felt tired this morning before and during my run. I was tired last week due to not enough sleep. I did better Thursday night and Friday night on getting sleep, but it takes my body a few days to catch up with the sleep. Another factor is that on Thursday, while rototilling my garden, I tripped and fell backwards. With nothing to break the fall, my shoulders and back hit the grass covered ground pretty hard. It took me about 10 seconds to catch my breath before I could get up. Meanwhile, the rototiller continued moving and went through my wife's flowers. Fortunately it went between a rose bush and some tulips and didn't do much damage to the flowers. When I got up from the fall, I felt no pain anywhere, and I continued rototilling for another hour. When I went to bed that night, I could feel some tenderness when I lay on my back, and I had to sleep on my side, which I normally do anyway. That tenderness when I'm in bed is still there, and I expect that "injury" contributed to my tired feeling. The good news is that I don't feel any tenderness when I'm up from bed. My wife rubbed my chest and back this morning before I ran, and I didn't feel any tenderness, so the "injury" is internal somewhere. Hopefully the "injury", likely a bruise, will be healed in a few days.

If all goes well next week, I'll complete week 16 of my marathon plan by adding a mile to my medium run and a mile to my long run. The following week, which will be the last I do from my marathon plan, will have a mile added to my rest run and a mile added to my long run. That will give me 5, 10, and 15 miles on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, respectfully. After that, I'll level off on adding distance and give my body several months to really get used to the 15-mile long run. At some time during the Fall, I'll add a fourth day and slowly bring it up to 5 miles.

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