Saturday, April 8, 2006

Took 1st in my age group in a half-marathon today

I also took 1st in all the age groups as well as 1st in the race itself. And, as my son reminded me, I also took last in everything since I was the only runner. This week was Week 13 of my marathon plan, and I ran a 13 mile long run this morning. I added 0.1 mile so I could say I ran a half-marathon. I did very well for the first 10 miles and then I started suffering from lack of water. During the last mile, a nice, gentle tail wind came up that gave me a "push" and helped to cool me a bit. The temperature when I got home was 66 (F), not particularly hot, but I hadn't brought water with me, and I suffered for that lack of foresight. Starting with next week I'll carry water on my medium and long runs. I've been thinking of water in terms of extreme temperatures, but it is also a factor of long distance. I only got about 6 hours of sleep last night, so when I got up, I drank water and juice, ate a banana and an orange and then took a nap before I left on my run. My wakeup HR was 52 when I got up.

A new subdivision is being built along the canal, and the builder is putting in a bridge for a street to cross the canal. He has the foundation in but still has to put the road over the foundation. When I got there this morning, I discovered that he had dug a deep, wide trench across the canal road to install a large water pipe, and I had to climb over some dirt and go down in and then out of the trench. It was easy climbing and not a problem. Later I ran into some road construction that also required that I climb over dirt and go through a wide trench that had been dug across the road. Thus, when I got to my 6.5 mile point, I decided to avoid those two construction spots and not go back the same way but to take a loop through the town I was in and return home via the long, straight city street that I've mentioned a few times. It turned out that my return home was only 0.15 mile longer than my route along the canal road. I had already decided to add 0.1 mile to give me a half-marathon, so everything worked out fine, and I didn't have to walk extra distance to get home.

Good news: I read in my local newspaper that the canal water will be turned on a week from tomorrow. That reference was to a nearby canal and not to "my" canal, but I assume all three canals that traverse the Salt Lake valley will get water at about the same time. This is a month earlier than a year ago. Good news, indeed!

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  1. congratulations!

    i've got one small question about carrying water when running -- how are you going to "handle" it? :-)

  2. I don't know why, but when I posted the first comment, the number of comments did not increased, it was still 0. so that's the reason I'm commenting again, hope this time it's gonna work.

    maybe some blogspot bug or whatever :)

  3. Yea, blogspot sometimes takes a while. I've seen it take several days to update. But, it does catch up.

    I use a lightweight fanny pack and a small bottle, maybe 2-3 cups. I turn the pack around so the bottle is over my stomach. Since I run my long runs at my "comfortable" pace, I'm not worried about speed, and the weight and slight bouncing of the bottle doesn't bother me. I've heard of some runners who use a camelback. Other runners have mentioned that they go around their route before their run and stash bottles of water. And still other runners plan routes past service stations and use the fountain.