Monday, April 17, 2006

Who says you can't run in the snow?

I had a good 4-mile rest run this morning. I felt a little bit tired at the 2-mile turn around and took a 30 second rest stop. And, my right foot felt a bit weak (not as much as it did on Saturday) for a few seconds on the way back. Otherwise, I had a good run.

My wakeup HR was 47, which was lower than I expected since I only had 4 hours sleep on Saturday night due to a strange family schedule. To compensate for that, I took an hour nap Sunday evening, and I had a good 8 hours sleep Sunday night.

Today is week 15 if my marathon plan. It is a recovery week from my fall-back last week. If all goes well this week, I'll do a 9-mile medium run on Wednesday and a repeat of my 13 mile long run on Saturday.

When I left for my run, we had an inch of wet snow on the ground, and it was snowing. However, by the time I returned, the snow had mostly stopped. The temperature was 33 (F) and the snow was melting in the streets but collecting on the lawns and gardens. The rest of this week should be sunny and warm.

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