Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why do I run?

I am often asked why I run, especially when people find out that I'm a long-distance runner. Here is my answer. I run because I love the mastery over my body that allows me to run. I run because I love the feeling of running mile after mile as if there were no end to it. I run because it is part of my heritage -- humans were built to run, first to hunt, then to travel, and now to commune. But, most of all, I run because I love to run. It has become part of my nature!

For Love or Money?


  1. Howdy! Nice clip, makes me want to run today AGAIN!! In my case the could call it "For Love or Fancy Medals?" Happy trails, Bruce

  2. Ben Knorr4/18/2006

    I usually explain [to nonrunners] various complexities of running that I love. Occasional discomfort, some chafing in strange areas, frozen apendages...
    I usually have to stop and just say "you wouldn't understand" =)

  3. Hi Bruce and Ben, nice of you to stop by!

    Yes, people don't understand. People ask me how far I'm running, and after I tell them they always say, "I could never run that far." I wish they would forget about criticizing themselves and just say, "That's great, keep it up!" Maybe someday they'll understand.

    I think golfers must understand, because they seem to be as dedicated as we are, and they continue that dedication throughout their lives.