Wednesday, May 3, 2006

The canal water is in!

My wakeup HR was 49, and I felt pretty good. I ran my 10-mile run and enjoyed seeing the water and ducks. I felt fine during and after the run.

I experimented with the food I eat during my longer runs. I drank Gatorade right from the beginning (well, actually beginning with mile 2)instead of just on the return trip as I did on Saturday. Also, instead of eating an apple at the turn-around point, I ate an energy bar. I felt fine during the run -- no diarrhea.

Some people wonder why I get excited about having the canal water come in. Just the boy in me, I guess. As a kid in Southern Utah, I floated sticks as boats in the irrigation canals. We would do that on the way to school. As the irrigation water made its way to our individual lots, we would make dams and roads over the dams and play "cars".

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  1. Hi Allen...I found your blog from read! I'm going to add it to my blogroll. :)

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for dropping by and saying, "Hi". Hope you enjoy sharing my experiences. Feel free to pop in and share your running.

    I really like A great group, positive, and supportive of each other.