Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Digging trenches and running don't mix

I spent about 10 hours yesterday digging a long trench so I can run electrical wires out to a new utility barn that my wife and I have. The trench was through my lawn, and I had to cut through the sod as well as move dirt. As a result, I'm tired today and am taking a rest day. My next running day, if I recover before then, will be on Saturday. At my age, recovery takes longer than it does for the younger folks :)

My wakeup HR was 51.

Training Graphs


  1. You're right...that digging is a tortuous workout in itself. I'll bet your shoulders are bearing the brunt of all that activity today.

  2. Hi Lisa, Yeah, when I went to bed that night, I was really tired. I didn't run on Wednesday but gave myself a rest day. Also, I wanted use Wednesday to lay the gray pvc and pull the wired and glue the joints. I didn't work on the project on Thursday, and I finished it Friday. I hooked it up to my breaker box in my basement, and it worked first time.

    Many years ago, a friend taught me how to dig trenches without a lot of strain on ones back. In my case on Tuesday, I used an edging tool to cut through the sod. I had to use a hand-sledge hammer to pound the edger into the sod, and that challenged my arms. After I got both sides of the trench "edged", I used a shovel to cut the sod in 5-6 inch pieces and remove them from the trench. Then I used a grub hoe to losen the dirt in the trench so it could be removed with a shovel. The technique of using the grub hoe is all arms, and small arm movements at that. So, my back was in good shape Tuesday night; just my whole body was tired.