Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Make way for Ducklings!

I saw two sets of ducklings during my 10-mile run this morning. One set had 9 and the other set had 2. I wasn't expecting ducklings for another two weeks, and it was a pleasant surprise to see them! My wakeup HR was 51 this morning (a 5% increase due to lack of sleep on Friday and Saturday nights), but I had a good run and enjoyed being out on a beautiful spring day. I carried an apple and started nibbling on it at the 2-mile point and finished it during the next mile. I ate an energy bar at the 5-mile turn around point. And, I'm drinking water and Gatorade. My body handled everything fine.

In the past I've mentioned a new bridge across the canal that was being constructed to connect two sub-divisions. About two weeks ago they put the road-base in, and this morning that started the asphalt. In addition, another construction project to put in large sewage pipes is finished, and the canal road is now free of construction obstacles.

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