Monday, June 19, 2006

Ran an "ease back into it" 2 miles

My wakeup HR is still high (57 yesterday and 58 today) but I have more energy, and I ran a slow, easy 2 miles this morning. I felt ok during and at the end of the run, but I'm glad I didn't go farther. I'm feeling much better in terms of my energy level. If I feel ok on Wednesday I'll try 4 miles. It was nice to get out and see the ducks in the canal. I saw again the mother who has 18 ducklings. The ducklings are getting pretty big. I stopped to say hello to my friend who lives next to the canal, and he said the ducks try to get into his small pond and eat the gold fish.

The sore on my foot from a skin cancer removal hasn't started to grow new skin yet. I'm cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide twice a day and am putting Bactoban on it. The slight redness that I saw around one side of the sore hasn't gotten worse (larger, darker red, tender to the touch)so I'm not going to the doctor this morning.

Because I have more energy than I had last week, I'm going to work this morning.

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